Andrea Mangano

I'm a skilled UI Developer who loves building simple, delightful, optimised and task-oriented interfaces with a passion for the web.
I live in Catania, Rome, Cork, Milan.
“Every artist was first an amateur.”
— R.W. Emerson


Everyday I write HTML(5), CSS(3) and JavaScript code creating websites that are user-friendly, effective and appealing. I love to do it using CSS preprocessors, template engines, task runners and javascript frameworks and libraries.

During the last years I gained an in-depth understanding of the best practices to develop fast and modern web applications.

“The only source of knowledge is experience.”
— Albert Einstein


I work in the web industry for six years launching some ambitious web projects such as a marketplace for independent fashion brands and a platform to create exciting online giveaways.

I'm currently employed by OBJECTWAY, one of the top 100 worldwide companies that build software platforms for the financial services industry.

The best what I've done

  • Launch a startup and learn from failure
  • Work for web companies side by side with brilliant people
  • Develop a proprietary e-commerce platform
  • Create custom css frameworks and styleguides for large web apps
  • Build an online community with more 140k readers
  • Receive awards for my business ideas in Italy and Ireland
  • Teach in web design courses

My todo list (What I'm going to do soon)

  • Launch a personal blog about front-end development
  • Build a new web application using the latest javascript technologies
  • Deliver technical talks in conferences and meetups
“If you undertake projects in mind, never leave for tomorrow.”
— Miguel el PortuguĂ©s


I have an entrepreneurial attitude. I like watching things from different perspectives and challenge my opinions. I love embracing new ideas and making something real. I'm currently developing a search engine to discover the best recipes from all over the world (I'm a good eater as well!) and I'd like to illustrate a storybook.

In my spare time I like enjoying the calm of nature, the sun and the sea.